Enterprise Spam Filtration

Email Spam Filter
Spam remains one of the most annoying forms of advertising that we deal with every day. Literally trillions of emails are sent our every year just trying to get into your inbox. If you don’t have decent spam filtration then you’re stuck with dealing with too many spam emails that get through to you and clutter up important emails.¬†

Our Enterprise Spam Filtration service automatically filters out the unwanted junk so you don’t have to. Our filtering rules are crafted and managed by real people, not algorithms, resulting in a higher detection rate and virtually ZERO false positives. In the event that spam is missed, each domain will have a custom email address to forward spam to so that it can be reviewed and processed.


  • Daily quarantine emails shows you suspicious items in case something was accidentally caught
  • Virus and Malware filtering
  • Mail queue for 5 days so your email is never lost if your email server goes down
  • Billing based on domain, not per-user
  • Over 10 million filtering rules with 17,000+ new ones added each day by real humans
  • Tracking 100+ million senders
  • Redundant mail servers located in separate data centers for each domain
  • 500MB email size limit

If your inbox is getting filled with too much junk email, contact us and we will work with you to significantly reduce the amount of spam going into your company’s inboxes.

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